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Welcome to Safari Camping

 3 stjernet camping  i 5 stjernet natur

The location of Rebild Camping is on the top of Rebild Bakker. We recently got new mini golf courts as you can use for only 30 DKK per person. You have access to Rebild Bakker and Rold Skov directly from the camp site. Rold Skov and Rebild Bakker are beautiful areas, where you can admire the beautiful lakes and springs while exploring the area.  In Rold Skov are there great opportunities to Mountain bike.  If you do not want to explore the forrest by bike, there is also the possibility to hike on one of the many hiking tracks in the area.
If you would like to see “Lindenborg å”, it is possible to go canoeing. If you have children you should visit the beautiful lake called “Madum Sø”. The lake is very child-friendly and has a sandy beach.
In Rebild there are some exiting and comfortable restaurants, small museums and very beautiful nature.

Quiet family camping in the middle of one of Denmark's most beautiful nature areas, with direct access to National Park, Forest of Rold and Rebild Hills.

The national park Rebild Bakker is only a few minutes walking from the campsite. The great and beautiful forest, called Rold Skov, is also very close to the campsite.  Around the forest there are a lot of lakes and springs.
There are several small and medium-sized lakes in Rold forest, and a lot of them are used for swimming in the summer time. In the south east part of Rold Skov you will find Madum Lake. Madum Lake is Himmerlands largest lake; it covers an area of 204 hectars. The lake is 7,5 m. at its deepest point. A lot of people use the lake for swimming during the summer because of the clear water.
Another beautiful lake in Rold is called Store Økssø, and is used for swimming as well. Actually, people also use this lake for swimming during the winter. You will Store Økssø in the south east end of Rebild Bakker. Store Økssø is one the most popular destinations in Rold Forest. Even though the lake has a red/brown color, is it one of the cleanest lakes in Denmark. The reason why the lake has this speciel red/brown color, is because it has a high content of humic acids. It is possible to walk around the lake; The hiking track is approximately 3 kilometers, and it is a very popular track. While walking the track you will walk in the forest, but you will be able to see the lake the whole time during your hike. It is also possible to fish in the lake as long as you have a license for it.  
If you choose to go to Rold Skov, you should definitely visit some of the springs in the forest. Rold Skovs springs are amongst the most water-rich in the northern Europe.  One of the most popular springs in Rold is called Store Blåkilde, as you will find south of the southwest end of Madum Lake. Store Blåkilde is a typical pool spring, where the water wells up from the sides or bottom of a bowl-shaped, water filled recess. If you include the other small spring around Store Blåkilde, is the total outflow of water 300 liters pr. Second.


St. John's Eve aka. Midsummers eve at Safari Camping

In Denmark we have a tradiotion of celebrating "sct. Hans aften" every summer. Around 6 pm we light up a small campfire for the children, but alsoa very big campfire.
Campers of the campsite celebrates with danish sausages and cold beer.
A friend of the camping site is usually playing the cozyist music. All in all fantastic night in great company. Later in the evening all of the participants gathers around for the traditional danish song used at this evening every year .
The song is called "Midsommervisen" or "The midsummer Ballad" in English. After singing the song, we also burn a doll dressed as a witch, as it is the tradition in Denmark on "Sct. Hans aften".

Wireless Internet around the entire Camping area


Safari Camping is open all year


Dogs at the site are welcome.

Dogs and other pets are welcome, but must be kept in a leash and aired outside of the area! There is no fee for bringing a pet.


There are good opportunities for amateur fishing/angling in the area. brooks, lakes, half an hour to the fjord. The catch from an afternoon at one of Denmark's best put-and-take lakes, 5 minutes from the campsite.


Blue Spring - two springs in the fantastic Rold Forest

The greater of the springs, flows with 300 liters per second. At the broadest it is 12 meters and 4-5 meters deep. The temperature is 7 degrees C all over the year-round, the source flows into the Willestrup River.



There is both beautiful and challenging mountainbike routes in Rold Skov. On the 23 kilometers, you'll find everything from small technical singletracks, to decents that looks like downhill tracks. But dont worry. The entire route can be droven on a standard mountainbike!

A map of the route can be found here:



The forest also offers some slightly more agressive tracks, like the downhill/freeride track at the bottom of Rebild Hills. Even though there isn't a big height difference between the top and the bottom, the track still give you a great possibility to have fun. You'll find everything from small jumps around 1-4 meters up to roadgaps of 12 meters.

Video from the track:
How to get there: